Baby Monitor VM50G 5" Gold UK

Speak to your little ones with two-way talk, help them sleep with lullabies and know if their rooms are too hot or too cold with room temperature monitoring. All thanks to the Motorola Nursery VM50G Baby Monitor.
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As a parent you most likely feel more at ease once you can keep a close eye on your baby, even while sleeping. Unfortunatly, this can be difficult since you do not want to disturb your baby once he or she is finally off to the land of dreams. Luckily the Motorola Nursery VM50G Baby Monitor with Camera is there to safe the day. This video baby monitor comes with a baby camera and parent unit with 5-inch colour-display. The camera has several useful functions such as infrared night vision, a digital zoom and remote pan and tilt. With the parent unit you can keep an eye on your baby all around the house, with a range of up to 1000ft.

Infrared night vision, digital zoom, remote pan and tilt

In order to keep a full view on your nursery, the Motorola VM50G baby monitor with camera comes with several useful functions. To make sure you can keep receiving live images from the nursery, even with little to no light, the camera has an infrared night vision function. If you want to zoom in on your baby or if you would like to look around the nursery a bit more, you can use the digital zoom and remote pan or tilt. 

High sensitivity microphone and two way talk

Thanks to a high sensitive microphone you will be alerted whenever a sound comes from the nursery. Is your baby having a hard time catching sleep? Or is he or she crying? Easily calm them down from afar using the two-way talk function on the parent unit. You can let them know mum or dad is coming to help them or try singing your own lullabies in order for the baby to fall asleep.

Lullabies and room temperature monitoring

If you think Motorola Nursery would stop at a high sensitive microphone, two way talk and several camera functions, you thought wrong! In addition to several great features, the Motorola VM50G baby monitor can also monitor the room temperature in your baby's room. Is talking your child down not helping? Try playing some pre-recorded lullabies via the parent-unit. Your baby will be sound asleep in no time.

Specifications Motorola Nursery VM50G video baby monitor
  • Model: VM50G
  • Two-way talk
  • Room temperature monitoring
  • Pre-recorded lullabies
  • Digital zoom
  • LED sound level indicator
  • High sensitivity microphone
  • 2.4 GHz FHSS wireless technologie for in-home viewing